Snail Farm

Ukraine, Rivne region, Ponebel

The first snail farm in Rivne region on the production capacity of PJSC "RIVNERIBHOSP".

Snail Farm

The Certified Helix Aspersa Maxima breeders were imported from the EU in 2017.
We plan to produce and sell over 100 tons of snails per year on the European market. Our geographical location is very favourable for growing snails, moreover we are close to the European Union.
We have studied and unified the experience of growers from Poland and Lithuania and implemented it on our snail farm.

Feeding is provided with a certified fodder which gives all the necessary nutritional substances for the snails good growth.

We grow the Helix Aspersa Maxima (gros gris) snails in the conditions that are close to natural.

We carry out bacteriological control on the final products.

We sort live snails and pack them in a nets of 5-10 kg.


Polishchuk Peter


Kravchuk Olga

Project Manager

Melnik Vasil


Vlasyuk Bogdan

Goal. accountant

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Place for reproduction (1000sq.m.) equipped with automatic irrigation and ventilation systems and modern refrigeration facilities.
Juveniles are grown in a specialized greenhouses, where we provide special conditions.
Mature snails are carried out on a prepared field equipped with irrigation system and shading netting.

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Ukraine, Rivne region, Ponebel

Tel: +38 (067) 163-17-96